Registration of Coalition for Business Integrity Berhad (CBI)

CBI was officially registered on 26 September 2014 with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (Company No.: 1110833 M) with Margaret Loy and Mark Chay as its initial directors and Dr. Ho Chai Yee as founding member.

Characteristics of CBI

CBI is a not-for-profit organisation whose membership is open to all bona fide companies operating in Malaysia. It represents the integrity stand of its members with the following characteristics:

  • It is nonpartisan. The focus is to help businesses operating in Malaysia and the government of the day to achieve a high degree of integrity and also increased productivity.
  • While other trade organizations and Chambers of Commerce emphasis is on trade and related matters, this CBI’s driving force is on business integrity and good corporate governance that will generate long term business growth.
  • It provides training on business ethics and also facilitates the building of a healthy work culture in the work place resulting in higher productivity.
  • It builds trusts among member companies for long-term business relationship both locally and internationally.
  • It promotes business matching and trade preferential rates on a platform of trust and integrity.