1. Make known your business integrity practices in dealing with your customers, suppliers and government agencies.
  2. Join the alliance of like-minded business entities who believe in trust and transparency for a better Malaysia.
  3. Enhance your corporate image and marketing opportunities.
  4. Secure preferred risk group rates
  5. Build a better future for our next generations.


Specific Benefits

  1. Integrity Seal Credibility for your website and marketing materials – use the Registered Member logo to show your customers what you stand for
  2. Search-friendly online profile – point your customers to your profile and extend your website’s online marketing
  3. CBI provides free resources to advise and mentor members on ethical business practices.
  4. Elevated trust – our comprehensive Certified Background Check helps inspire trust
  5. Access to our content library – our extensive online library helps you acquire and promote ethical business practices daily
  6. Our quarterly newsletter, Business Integrity News, outlining tips & resources for ongoing support in ethical business practices
  7. Discounted employee placement and background checks
  8. Discounted insurance and mortgage rates for both business and individuals.
  9. Preferential product pricing for participating companies.
  10. Discounted training and mentoring on business integrity and productivity.
  11. Collective initiative to deal with fraud and unfair practices in the marketplace.
  12. Potential international linkage with like-minded organizations worldwide.

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